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Here is a little about who we are

We can help automate your business processes and simplify your interactions with Metrc.

THCnology Solutions LLC is an OLCC/Metrc Approved Integrator which was created to provide compliant solutions for Oregon cannabis Producers, Processors, Wholesalers, Retailers, and Labs.

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Automating your business’ processes will help keep your data current, eliminate duplicate processes and help improve communications by providing established and repeatable Metrc processes for those human-intense and repetitive tasks.

Business process automation (BPA) will save you money while freeing you up to spend your time developing relationships and differentiating yourself in this intense and competitive market. Whether it is report generation, inventory reconciliation or a custom project, THCnology Solutions can help. Please contact us today to setup a time to talk.

Please contact us today to setup a time to talk.