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Matt Johansen – Portland Rosin Co. Owner

Phone: (971) 260-0205

It’s been great working with Thcnology Solutions.

We started by sitting down and discussing our workflow and the frustrations we were having with the Metrc user interface.

One of those frustrations we faced on a daily basis was creating our Metrc packages and transfers reports – ideally we wanted to have these reports auto-generated without our input.

Thcnology Solutions created a custom application that generated these reports and pushed them to their website so that we can download any day’s data as a csv file. This was perfect!

Additionally, whereas the Metrc reports loose the history of our packages, we can now go back to any stored date’s report for that past data.

We were very happy with this implementation and the fact that Thcnology Solutions was diligent with the protection of our Metrc user key.

We are currently considering a new project with Thcnology Solutions that integrates our Prosperworks CRM with our Metrc data.

We highly recommend Thcnology Solutions for any business process automation you might need.

Connecting cannabis businesses to provide a better buying and selling experience.


o Discover new suppliers & products. Request samples and easily scale your sales.

o Save numerous hours by consolidating your ordering process all in one cart! 

o Best part is the cost – always free to use!

o Buy for all your facilities during a single log-in

o Review and track all your open orders and history

o Integrated with Metrc to provide manifest tracking

o Single screen order history makes it easy to reorder items.

o Generate quote requests to select license types


o Manage your menu on a single screen

o Build your products based on up-to-date Metrc data

o Define you own MOQ for each product listing

o Include photos and lab reports with each of your product offerings

o 24/7 updating of sample availability and quantities 

Fulfill specific buyer RFQ requirements

o Review all your open orders and sample requests on one screen

o Accepted orders tracked using Metrc.


We are commited to your project and helping your business grow.


Providing you with unique insights into your business.


We take pride in having the best relationships with our clients.